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A Thousand Nevers

A Thousand Nevers

November 9, 2019

Aurelie is an eleven year old girl. Her head pains from an unnamed injury and she lives in a twilight place between the now and a blurry nowhere. She’s been sent to stay with her great uncle at a house retreat deep in the Oregon mountains. It’s a somber sojourn of rainy days and empty moments, an inescapable present made only of listless naps and dizzy headaches. She eventually finds a fond hiding place in the house’s attic. There amongst the shadows and forgotten things, she finds an enigmatic book with sealed pages.

But what is truly sealed is Aurelie’s past, the event of her head trauma, and far more. She is nearly lost of the whole of her dear memory and it will take a journey through those pages to find, and a slipping from this world to another, to another, and another…


White Giraffe

September 1, 2020

A boy finds a secret gift in the woods. An old man finds reason to carry on in a desolate, fallen, future world. A terrible psychological tryst grows from a heartbroken man’s recurrent sleep paralysis. A young wife makes a doll of the switches used to abuse her. A child can see a visitor no one else can, one that tells him things no one else can understand. A cross country road trip carries a curious parcel and a shadow of tragedy. A poignant dream of a voice that speaks within a forest on the moon. And a youthful nighttime game finds a boy discovering hidden friends that may be ghosts.

White Giraffe is a collection of unpredictable stories set among mysteries between this world and it’s shadow. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes frightening, enigmatic, and even harrowing, this collection of fictions steps further off the traveled path, an extraordinary journey that will haunt long after reading.


Close the World

August 30, 2020

Summer, 1992. A small town in anywhere, USA. Woodland roads, shopping malls, bicycles, and nothing to do summer nights. Ricky is just another awkward teen in a nowhere suburb killing careless time. One night he meets a girl. Little by little, they find a special world together, a growing obsession, a restless singular attraction, a dreamlike escape. But then impossibility shakes them into a mystery as wonderful as it is horrific.

So comes an unconventional coming of age tale. This is not any ordinary world. It is a place where fantasy and reality are in a terrible struggle. Where a dozen lives collapse into one. Where everything and nothing is real. Is this the way the world ends? In youth it always is.


Last Ghost in Mason City

March 9, 2021

A rapacious mystery has collapsed civilization and vanished nearly the whole of humanity. Only the desolate, empty towns and cities remain. Scant survivors hide and fend for themselves in pockets, lost to any answers.

Priest has not seen a single soul in so long he has lost count of the months, even years. He spends his days foraging his abandoned little town, a place he haunts with no other purpose than to keep breathing. He simply remains.

But one day a car speeds by in the snow of winter. Turmoil follows. He finds himself facing the living again - and with them, a new, darker presence. Something that lives within and outside the shadows, something that may hold answers to this grand, ruinous mystery. 

It begins here, quietly, remotely, alone, and rages forward through six novels into a genre defining epic, bringing together a harrowed group of survivors in a journey to rectify the terrible enigma that emptied the world. 

This is book one in the Shades Below series.  


Isabella Dreamed of Stars



It has been nearly three years since civilization has fallen, a great ‘Vanishing’ claiming nearly everyone in a damning calamity. Pockets of humanity still cling to the corners of the world, hiding, hoping, surviving.

Deep in the dust bowl of northwest New Mexico, a handful of survivors have hid away.  They’ve built a little compound in a small wind whipped town and made an acceptable existence in the blown waste of the prairies.

For Josue, nothing is more important than the life of his young teenage daughter.  But Isabella is going through changes she does not understand.  Mysteries compound in her young mind.  A dread is surfacing. A communion with shadows.  Something that is coming for her.

But there are more dangers in this world than those that have no name.  The familiar implosion of human drama has no mercy in this fallen world either, and Josue and his small renegade family will find themselves at battle to hold on to everything they built and everything they have left together.  A storm is coming for their little empty town, by wind, or by rage, or by shadow.  A reckoning and an awakening.

Isabella Dreamed of Stars is the second chapter in The Shades Below series, a tale of six souls coming together to seek a common hope in the twilight of humanity. A final struggle to hold on to this world.

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