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The Yarn Spins on

As said before, watering the vine has seen it grow wildly. I am now closer, but still further, from the end. It will now be a seven book series. I have finished the fifth and am moving onto the sixth this week. I've found as I move forward, due to the interlacing narrative of the tale, I am constantly doing nips and tucks in the books behind. Sometimes significant changes. As such, I have locked book two down on Amazon as it is being heavily revised, and I will post no other pre-release versions of the upcoming volumes until it is all done. Only 'Last Ghost' will remain available in pre-release for those who want a very small taste. I am officially at two years working on this one story, and that is what it is - one story split into seven large chapters. I did not know this would be the fort I would build on the hill, and I have to surrender to the fact that a mountain of editing and revision is on the way. I can't say when I will go fully public with it all, but late next year is most likely. My earlier goals were admittedly naive. The story has grown beyond them.

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