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DP Davis


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"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."
~ Ray Bradbury

DP Davis is the author of four novels and one anthology. He attended film school at UCLA and has written award winning short stories, dozens of screenplays, and has worked in music and independent film. Originally from Tennessee, he has made his home in Los Angeles for more than twenty five years. When not writing, he spends his time dabbling in digital art, music composition, and adventures with his dog.

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A Thousand Nevers

"...A wholly original tale, evocative, emotional, and extraordinary... Literally leaps from the page and winds itself around your mind and heart..." ~ Reader

Aurelie is an eleven year old girl. Her head aches from an unnamed injury and she lives in a twilight place between the now and a blurry nowhere. She’s been sent to stay with her great uncle at a house retreat deep in the Oregon mountains. It’s a somber sojourn of rainy days and empty moments, an inescapable present made only of listless naps and dizzy headaches. She eventually finds a fond hiding place in the house’s attic. There amongst the shadows and forgotten things, she finds an enigmatic book with sealed pages.

But what is truly sealed is Aurelie’s past, the event of her head trauma, and far more. She is nearly lost of the whole of her dear memory and it will take a journey through those pages to find, and a slipping from this world to another, to another, and another…

A Thousand Nevers
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